13 June 2015

Being brilliant and being a kid

You're 4. You've never questioned your clothes. You want to be comfortable. You're a kid. That's how it should be. You want to have fun, play, learn, get better at things and love. 

You, being a kid this summer 

Today I saw a post on Instagram by a beautiful young women from a reality show promoting teeth whitening and tanning injections. Her post had >6000 likes in under an hour. In that same hour there were posts from equally beautiful women, in the same age group, giving everything they've got to be top of their game at their chosen sport with only a handful of likes.

Celebrity culture can be image conscious, empty and shallow. I hope you will be inspired by what people have achieved and who they are. Being brilliant is about real life, real friends, real achievements and real love. 

For now, just keep playing, having fun, learning and being the best you can be. You will care about how you look one day. That's normal. Just make sure the other stuff is always more important. 

Mummy with some of the inspirational ladies that I've met this year

You this morning, my inspiration

"I believe we all have a journey. I was once a small girl from Sheffield, dealing with bullies and normal teenage insecurities, but I always believed. And when you do that life can get unbelievable" ~ Jessica Ennis