29 August 2015

School days

So, today we got your new school shoes. Your first school shoes. My little girl is going to school. 

I have all of the usual feelings that mummies and daddies everywhere will have. Will she fit in? Will anyone be mean? Will she be able to get her shoes on after PE? Will she miss me if she falls over? Will she like her lunch? Will she be frightened to say if she has a tummy ache? I know in my heart that all that stuff will be just fine. So, here's what I wish for you as you start your educational journey.

I wish that you can keep an open heart to all the other children in your class. See them, hear them, listen to them and care. Be yourself and build friendships based on how people make you feel and always think about how you are making them feel. 

I wish that you are able to see and appreciate, every single day, the chance that you have to learn and grow in a safe, warm, creative and inspiring environment. Your school is the heart and the future of our community. The gift of education is precious. Always remember that. 

And I wish that you always feel brave enough to take every opportunity that you are presented with. Never think that you can't do something and always try and help the other children around you to try too. I hope you're never scared but, you will be sometimes, so I hope that you always have the strength to climb the mountain anyway. 

Your main concern currently is that there are, apparently, no toys in Year 3 and all they do is learn! "Can you believe it Mummy?" You asked in disbelief. 

You're my world sweetheart and I cannot wait to see what path you take and who you become. I'll always be here for you and I just know you'll be brilliant. I love you. 

"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it." ~ Albert Einstein

15 August 2015

My baby

This weekend you have been very loving and stayed close to me. I've felt your soft little touch as I potter about the house, as I sit and relax, when we did Parkrun together and as I cook. Everywhere I've been, you haven't been far behind. I said to you that you'd been very cuddly. You said you just loved me a little bit more that day, with your palms upturned as they are when you're explaining something obvious. 
Me and you, Pescara, Italy ~ 2015

There are times when you drive me mad because you won't clean your teeth because your arms are too tired. Or you have a meltdown because you got ice cream on Right Bunny (screaming, "it didn't even land on her mouth so she could eat it. It's in her fuuuuuuuur!" - that happened today!) Or you behave as though I'm murdering you when I cut your finger nails, "not my little finger Mummy. It's just a baaaaaby!" Or you lose the tiniest dead leaf that you'd been keeping safe in your dungarees pocket and you scream that I have to find it, until something else catches your attention (that happened yesterday too!) 

But in spite of all that, my love for you is unquantifiable. It's beyond my reach. It's like outer space and it consumes me every day. You are part of me. My insides. Right now I want to hold you close and keep you there for ever. I want to freeze time with you at 4 years old. My beautiful 4 year old. I don't want to forget your sweet little voice chatting to yourself with your felt tips, your toys or your imaginary friends. Your perfect curls. Your big blue eyes. You told me that your little finger had grown a bit today. I said I wanted you to stay small and you said "I can't Mummy but I'll always be your baby."
My baby at Kokopelli Camping, Serramonacesca, Italy ~ 2015

Watching films together today 

I love you sweetheart.

1 August 2015

Kokopelli Camping ~ Summer 2015

Laying in the camp garden I can hear crickets, a few people talking, and you singing on your picnic blanket under the olive tree doing your colouring. 
This place is just perfect. We are surrounded by nature. Entertainment is home made. The views are dramatic. I hope you'll remember them. If not, you'll see our photographs and we'll talk about our holiday at Kokopelli Camping. We've met some wonderful people coming and going from our mountain home. Young people travelling Europe with a tent and a dream. Families escaping the speed of the world. Everyone here is resetting themselves with nature, with the sunsets  and sunrises.
You've mixed with children from Belgium, Italy, Canada and the USA. Language barriers haven't stopped play.
You've relaxed in the garden, played on the terrace and chatted under the olive trees. It's peaceful here. We're peaceful here. 
The surrounding countryside is breathtaking. It makes you feel small. And alive. It's refreshing and real. 

You've drawn Magicland on your piece of paper. You say that every country has its own Magicland where the villagers gather to watch the moonpick flyers who live in Magicland. I think this place has widened your mind to thoughts of other lands. Where people speak different languages. Were the food smells different. Where the  wind whispers different words to you in the trees. 
You've changed a little on this holiday. You're more confident with other children and more content alone. Even if you don't remember Kokopelli Camping, I think it's made its mark on you.

Never be afraid to climb the mountain baby. Curious kids will have the best adventures.
You & Alfie ~ August 2015

I love you.