30 November 2013

Dear Molly, today was fun...

Today we enjoyed the simple stuff. I love how happy that makes you and this is magical time of year so it was only fitting that we did all of this...
You went on a carousel for the first time ever. You clung on so tightly, bursting with excited apprehension. I whispered in your ear that sometimes, but only on very rare and special occasions, carousel horses can jump off the carousel and gallop through the countryside on an adventure beyond your wildest imagination. "Wow!" You said. "I love the pretty carousel Mummy." still clinging onto the golden twisted pole as tightly as your little hands could.

"When you're with Mary Poppins, suddenly you're in places you never dreamed of!" ~ Bert (Dick Van Dyke), Mary Poppins (1964)

Yes, we met a real princess today. She was very sweet and friendly, as you'd expect a princess to be. You told her "my name is Molly and I am 3." She asked if you knew who Rapunzel was. You said that you did although I'm not sure that you do. I'll read you the story one day. The original that is, and only when you're old enough for the darker undertones contained within the works of The Grimm Brothers.

"Once when he was thus standing behind a tree, he saw that an enchantress came there, and he heard how she cried:

'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me.'" ~ Rapunzel, The Grimm Brothers (1812)

You were so happy with your helium balloon from the fair. You were even happier when I said that you used to call them be-boons. "When I was a little baby I called them be-boons Mummy?" Then you did your funny little belly laugh. Very sweet.

We came home and watched Miracle on 34th Street and put up the Christmas tree. You put baubles on the tree, set The tin plate Father Christmas and angel on the hearth, hung pine cone hedgehogs on the tree and told me matter-of-factly that "there are penguins at the North Pole where Father Christmas lives too Mummy. They are his friends." There is just so much magic waiting for you at Christmas my love and I can not wait to share it with you. 

I love you darling. See you in the morning, Mummy x

"I'm a symbol. I'm a symbol of the human ability to be able to suppress the selfish and hateful tendencies that rule the major part of our lives." ~ Kris Kringle (Richard Attenborough), Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

21 November 2013

Dear Molly.....it's written in the stars

Tonight you wanted to count the stars. You counted six and were delighted that you'd counted them all "all by my own." You don't need to know that what you could see is a smaller fraction of what's actually there than you'll ever understand. I want you to be amazed and delighted by your own perception of reality before I try and force the mechanics of the universe on you. "Yes baby, you counted them all and they are very beautiful"
In your own sweet way you wanted to share this amazing discovery with the 'people' closest to you. You held Right Bunny up, making sure her face was pointing towards the sky and you said "look Right Bunny. Look at the beautiful stars" then you turned to me and asked me to leave the curtains open so Right Bunny could see them while you had your bath.
Reality and facts and science are important, of course they are, but so are emotions and people and imagination and childhood. I want you to learn, to grow, to care and to marvel at the world at your own pace and with an open mind. Maybe one day you will choose to tell your baby that the people they've loved can watch over them as stars and when they see a star shoot across the sky they can make a wish and that, if they want it badly enough, they can have a star of their very own.

See you tomorrow sweetheart. I love you. Mummy x

"When you wish upon a star

Your dream comes true" ~ Leigh Herline & Ned Washington (1940)

17 November 2013

Dear Molly, I love autumn, Cambridge, coffee & you...

Today was one of those beautifully hazy, damp, cold, colourful autumn days. I love this time of year. I feel peaceful in autumn. Warming up is so much nicer than trying to cool down.

Today was Sunday and, as we often do, we went to Cambridge for breakfast. At our favourite spot in our favourite cafe we watched the students, the tourists, the scholars, the children and their families walk past our window and go about their business. You saw a small boy walk past and you asked where his Mummy and Daddy were. "Maybe he will find them soon Mummy." You love watching people and Sunday morning in Cambridge is a great place to do that. Behind a cafe window, warm and happy, the air filled with chatter and the smell of coffee. It's reminiscent of my favourite film where autumn and winter are the essence of the film and everything I love about it.
Love Story ~ Erich Segal (1970)

You waited so patiently for your poached eggs and had a wonderful pensive aura about you. I hope you were as happy to be there with me, as I was with you. I didn't feel the need to talk too much. I wanted you to enjoy the atmosphere without interrupting you. You chatted when you were ready.

After breakfast we went to the bookshop where you delighted the lady at the till by telling her all about your book voucher and how "you use them to get books." You went on to say, "it really is very clever." She smiled and agreed.

On the way to the sweet shop you entertained everyone with a loud rendition of your very own song about making a big honey pie for your Mummy!

On the way home we followed a horse box and the horse was kicking a lot. I said he didn't look very happy and you said, "maybe he isn't happy because he was naughty at horsey school and they are taking him away from his horsey friends because he was naughty....maybe? Maybe that is why he is sad Mummy?" I said that sounded like a very plausible scenario. You looked pleased. 

We went for tea and cake and to look round the Christmas barn before we went home. Your little face was so delighted with all of the sparkly baubles, stars, winter animals and snowy pine trees. You said, "look Mummy, another snowman!" You shrieked, "I didn't know they'd have two snowmen! I am so lucky to see two snowmen." I love how much you appreciate things. Don't ever stop.

I had a perfect day with you darling and I hope you loved it too. Lots of love, as always, Mummy x

"Love means never having to say you're sorry" ~ Erich Segal

10 November 2013

Dear Molly, it's firework night, 2013....

I have the fondest memories of bonfire night. When I was little, your Grandad Foster used to do fireworks in our back garden and all of our friends in the neighbourhood would come round to watch. Your Nana would make sausages and hot potatoes for everyone. I would watch out of the window all day with the utmost concern that the threat of rain would turn into a reality and my dreams would crash around me as fireworks were cancelled, my friends would hate me and life would be over. This stuff is so important when you're little so, don't worry, I haven't forgotten that.

This year the afternoon rain was torrential and I had that same sense of despair. But for you this time. You were so excited and I really couldn't bear telling you there'd be no fireworks. Especially after I had tried to gently suggest that they might get cancelled if it's too wet and you just said "Yes Mummy. Are we going to fireworks now?" So, we wrapped up warm, grabbed a brolly and off we trudged, full of hope! 
You carried your own umbrella and in my head you were Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds. So sweet and so determined to get there.
We arrived and had hot dogs in the pub while the rain continued and I thank the stoic British spirit of Giles and Janie at The Brinkley Lion for the evening carrying on regardless.
By the time the bonfire was lit, the rain had stopped, you had your glow stick and we waited for the fireworks. 
You declared it was a "very brilliant fire Mummy." I agreed. It was.
You loved the fireworks and cheered and laughed after each one, especially the one that's "crackling like Rice Crispies Mummy!" I half watched them and half watched you. Your little face, filled with amazement, was worth a thousand fireworks. 
I love you so much and will be forever grateful for the wonderful memories we have together. Bonfire night 2013 was a cold but lovely evening and exactly what I wanted for you. I hope you think so too. 

Lots of love, 

Mummy x

"Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot..."