14 July 2013

Poetry is harder than it looks....

I had a go at writing a poem. I'm not sure I adhered to all of the poetry rules but I enjoyed trying and promise to learn all about rhyming prose and structure for the next one! 

You & Me

I wanted a girl. I dreamed of a girl.
I was meant to have a girl in my world.
A voice on the phone said you were a girl.
My little girl lovely, all blue eyes and curls.

I was a girl. I knew how to be one.
It just felt right that you were one too.
So many things to enjoy, me and you.
Reading and singing a lullaby loo.

I want to stop time and to keep you this small.
But I want you to learn and grow strong and tall.
I cherish your joys and cherish your fears.
For in a blink of an eye, the minutes are years.

I may tell you off. I may make you cross.
But goodness I love you with all that I've got.
It won't always be perfect but will always be,
that you are my girl and your Mummy is me.


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