11 May 2014

Me, you and your platypus

There's music from the 90s on TV. It was the music of my teenage years and it has always made me happy to reflect. Now though, I reflect with a touch of sadness because you weren't here. I'm not sure any memory will ever be quite the same now that I have you. I wonder if all parents feel like that? 

I said, "I love this song"
You replied, "I think it's a bit boring to my little head Mummy."
"I love you"
"I love you too Mummy. When you're not here I keep you safe with my head and my courage. That's why I love you"

You still use "that's why" in place of "because." And that's still ok. Those words all came out of your little head though. It's amazing how you've grown and absorbed enough to communicate your thoughts. I know all children do it but it's still amazing. 

We've done some cooking today. You've started quoting my cooking rules back to me. I've created a monster! "You have to make cheese sauce Mummy. Not buy it. That's cheating is it Mummy." You're using "is it" at the moment whilst you master the use of "isn't it". I never want to forget your journey with language. That's why I write to you. So we can both remember it in years to come. You worked very hard at your cooking today. My Nana was a cook, my Mummy loves cooking, I love cooking and I think it might be in the genes....
We had a break and watched a film. You hugged me saying, "don't worry Mummy" when I looked concerned for the children and Groo in Despicable Me. I had a tear in my eye at your little show of affection and you said, "it's ok Mummy, they're all together and safe now." 
You just asked if you could use me as a slide. I said that was fine:

"Yes darling"
"Is it ok if my platypus slides on you too?"
I love you sweetheart. 

"For I am a bear of very little brain and long words bother me." ~Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne)

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