12 July 2016

The end of a chapter

So, here you are, days away from the end of your first year at school. I am wrestling pride and excitement with the sadness that comes at the end of something special. Like the last day of a holiday where the happiness is tainted by the knowledge that it's nearly over. Like the warmth of the sun fading into the night after a neverending summer's day. The end of an era. The promise of a new day awaits however. There is always a new day.

I feel so lucky that we have your school so close by. The absolute heart of our community it takes all of the children into its arms and gently unfolds their wings giving them the room to fly. You have flourished in your first year at Burrough Green grasping every opportunity with both hands and I could not be prouder. 

We've watched you learn and grow. You've transformed from a baby-faced little person who says 'inservatory', 'vasagne', and 'jungle sale' into a proper schoolgirl who says 'conservatory', 'lasagne' and still calls 'jumble sales', 'jungle sales' before our eyes. From having a desire to play to having a desire to learn you have more compassion for all of your friends than I thought possible for one little girl to have. You have a strong sense of justice and you show visible delight in learning. You have found your place in the hierarchy and I love that you care as much about your friends being there with you as you do about yourself. I will cherish every single memory of you coming home, excitedly telling me what you've learnt that day and still worrying everso slightly about the lack of toys in Year 1......

Keep learning, keep caring and cherish every single moment. These years really are the best years. Try your hardest and keep grabbing those opportunities. I know that you will be the very best that you can be. Don't ever change. If you approach the rest of your school years like you did this one then I know that you'll be just fine. You'll be better than fine. You'll be brilliant. 

I love you more than you will ever understand. 

Sweet dreams darling x

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." ~ Nelson Mandela

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