21 November 2013

Dear Molly.....it's written in the stars

Tonight you wanted to count the stars. You counted six and were delighted that you'd counted them all "all by my own." You don't need to know that what you could see is a smaller fraction of what's actually there than you'll ever understand. I want you to be amazed and delighted by your own perception of reality before I try and force the mechanics of the universe on you. "Yes baby, you counted them all and they are very beautiful"
In your own sweet way you wanted to share this amazing discovery with the 'people' closest to you. You held Right Bunny up, making sure her face was pointing towards the sky and you said "look Right Bunny. Look at the beautiful stars" then you turned to me and asked me to leave the curtains open so Right Bunny could see them while you had your bath.
Reality and facts and science are important, of course they are, but so are emotions and people and imagination and childhood. I want you to learn, to grow, to care and to marvel at the world at your own pace and with an open mind. Maybe one day you will choose to tell your baby that the people they've loved can watch over them as stars and when they see a star shoot across the sky they can make a wish and that, if they want it badly enough, they can have a star of their very own.

See you tomorrow sweetheart. I love you. Mummy x

"When you wish upon a star

Your dream comes true" ~ Leigh Herline & Ned Washington (1940)


  1. Molly Rose, you are the cutest, funniest, kindest, prettiest little girl we know and Uncle Wilf, Alfie, Ralph and I love you very much. Hugs, Auntie Lulu xxx

  2. Ahh, that's lovely. You've made me well up :) x