10 November 2013

Dear Molly, it's firework night, 2013....

I have the fondest memories of bonfire night. When I was little, your Grandad Foster used to do fireworks in our back garden and all of our friends in the neighbourhood would come round to watch. Your Nana would make sausages and hot potatoes for everyone. I would watch out of the window all day with the utmost concern that the threat of rain would turn into a reality and my dreams would crash around me as fireworks were cancelled, my friends would hate me and life would be over. This stuff is so important when you're little so, don't worry, I haven't forgotten that.

This year the afternoon rain was torrential and I had that same sense of despair. But for you this time. You were so excited and I really couldn't bear telling you there'd be no fireworks. Especially after I had tried to gently suggest that they might get cancelled if it's too wet and you just said "Yes Mummy. Are we going to fireworks now?" So, we wrapped up warm, grabbed a brolly and off we trudged, full of hope! 
You carried your own umbrella and in my head you were Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds. So sweet and so determined to get there.
We arrived and had hot dogs in the pub while the rain continued and I thank the stoic British spirit of Giles and Janie at The Brinkley Lion for the evening carrying on regardless.
By the time the bonfire was lit, the rain had stopped, you had your glow stick and we waited for the fireworks. 
You declared it was a "very brilliant fire Mummy." I agreed. It was.
You loved the fireworks and cheered and laughed after each one, especially the one that's "crackling like Rice Crispies Mummy!" I half watched them and half watched you. Your little face, filled with amazement, was worth a thousand fireworks. 
I love you so much and will be forever grateful for the wonderful memories we have together. Bonfire night 2013 was a cold but lovely evening and exactly what I wanted for you. I hope you think so too. 

Lots of love, 

Mummy x

"Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot..."


  1. Sweet girl. And curls! Glad you had a good night :)

  2. Gorgeous, and glad you had a great bonfire night.

  3. Ahh, thank you both. I love her hair. Not looking forward to when she wants to straighten it! Trying to encourage her to love it!