16 February 2014

Our Sunday

We went to Cambridge today on a beautiful, cold & sunny day.
You complained that the boring traffic jam would make us late for Cambridge. It didn't. 
You chose 'Peck Peck Peck' in the bookshop. It's about a little woodpecker learning to peck. 
You also wanted Mr Sneeze. Just as a friend for Mr Jelly, who's apparently a bit lonely.
So you got both. 
We had lunch in Wildwood in Cambridge. You spent a long time on the maze and made me pick every tiny piece of basil out of your pasta before you'd go near it. You liked it once the "nasty green bits" had gone.
Mummy spent her birthday money on these new outfits despite your pleas that the top one was "a little yellowy Mummy"!
Then we listened to this wonderful busker sing Chasing Cars, gave him 50p and then went home to watch Lady & the Tramp. 

A happy day. 

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