15 February 2014

"Oh bother", you said

I love your language. I try to encourage you to use wholesome, old fashioned words. It sounds so sweet when you say, "oh bother" when something goes wrong. Although I can't take the credit for that as it's not one I use. I approve though. It's "pardon", not "what" and "yes" not "yeah". I know you won't listen to me forever so I will continue to lead by example in the hope that you follow of your own volition. You just thanked Right Bunny for 'helping' you onto the bed (apparently) "Thank you Righty. You are a very big help to me." Your bond with that old rabbit is stronger than ever and I'm curious as to when that strength might wane. But right now it warms my heart how much you still love that inanimate, tatty old thing.  

It was my birthday today. I asked if I could do your hair in a ponytail. You said, "another time Mummy." I protested on the basis that it was my birthday and you said, "don't worry Mummy. You can do my ponytail on your next birthday." You never just say "no". It makes me happy that you always deliver your refusal with a sweetner. A common, slightly lazy, example when I object to your refusals is, "that doesn't matter if I don't do it Mummy. I still love you." Sweet, but wily.

You like to clean your teeth yourself now. You told me very excitedly tonight "when I am bigger Mummy my tooth will fall out. I will put it under my pillow and the tooth fairy will come and take it away and leave me a shiny gold coin." I wish I could write the expression and excited tone in your voice. It got higher and louder and faster and faster. You were just so pleased to be sharing this 'new' information with me and your little hands were going nineteen to the dozen as you explained what will be happening. 

I'm watching you fall asleep now, with Righty and Ted. I love you darling. Sweet dreams.

"If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse." Walt Disney Company

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