6 March 2014

Mummy, Molly and our stories

It is world book day today so I am writing to you about my books, your books, our stories. Books matter to me and I want them to matter to you.

Me & you tonight, before your bedtime story

My childhood memories are the books which had an impact on me. I want you to have books which do that for you. Mine were The Enchanted Wood, Shadow the Sheepdog, About Teddy Robinson, Anne of Green Gables, The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe, Little Women and The Secret Garden. I can still picture the places that I built in my mind where these stories took place. I do hope you'll enjoy them one day too. 

Mummy when she was about your age

You have, slightly obsessively on my part, had a story read to you every single night since you were just a few weeks old. You didn't understand what I was reading back then but words, sentences, expression, voices, characters & imaginary goings on in far away lands all helped to shape my childhood and I want them to shape yours too.

When we read we are forced into someone else's world, perspective, fears & dreams. We can build up what that looks like and how it feels in our own imaginations. Developing your imagination is as important as learning to spell and learning to count. Being able to see through someone else's eyes or to walk in their shoes are things we must all do. This learning starts with understanding how Mr Big feels when no one will be his friend because he's so big. 
Or caring because the Yeti is sad when the little bird flies away for the winter.  
Or sharing in the little boy's joy when he finally catches a star of his very own
Last time we read How to Catch a Star (Oliver Jeffers) you said, "I wish I had a really big ladder so that I can get a real star all of my very own Mummy." Every child should hear this story, like every child should try to catch a star.

Never stop reading baby, and never stop dreaming.

Sleep tight.

"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it." ~ Peter Pan (J M Barrie) 

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