23 March 2014

Ordinary days

Today you wanted to wear your playsuit, again, purple tights, spotty shoes and have two pony tails "like Amy at school does Mummy" although you refused to believe they were called bunches and you called them plaits all day, but that's ok.

"I wonder what Auntie Sarah got you for a present Mummy"
"I don't know darling. Maybe smellies?"
"Urrrrrgggggh! Not smelly things"
"Not nasty ones sweetheart. Nice ones. Like bubble bath. Sometimes people buy nice things for your bathroom as presents"
"Like scooters Mummy?"
"Um, ok. Like scooters"

Driving home past the war memorial on the A11:
"We couldn't build that tower on our own could we Mummy?"
"No sweetie. It looks very big and heavy"
"That's why there's only two of us. That's why we couldn't build that tower Mummy"
"How many people would be able to build it do you think darling?"
"I think eleven people Mummy. Eleven people could build it"

You've been very delighted with the box from my birthday present from Sarah. "Now I have a present too Mummy. My box." Every little girl should have a box to keep things in. It's currently next to you on the sofa with your things in it. I'm not allowed to touch it.

You and your new box

We watched Toy Story 2 together this afternoon and we (you mainly) chatted about it all the way through. "Buzz is Woody's friend Mummy. Jessie is sad because Emily gave her away Mummy. Slinky needs two cones to hide under. That's why his body is long Mummy. Buzz is trapped in a box Mummy. If you were trapped in a box Mummy I would get you out. Zurg is mean Mummy. Jude at school has a toy Zurg."


I said to Sarah today that I am completely and utterly amazed and in awe of this amazing little person growing out of the tiny little baby I was handed three years ago. I know it's nature, and happens every day in every corner of the world, but it's incredible. And so are you.

Love you millions.

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