15 November 2014

We're nearly there

When you had been in my tummy for 20 weeks, they took your picture inside my tummy and they told me that you had Talipes (Clubfoot). I was scared and sad. Now, I read posts on sites from other parents who are scared and sad at the beginning of their journeys. I want to share our journey to help the other mummies and daddies. I've written about this before (http://laurahigh1977.blogspot.com/2014/06/chapter-1-talipes.html) but now...now we are less than a year from never having to wear your boots and bar again and we should always remember this journey, for us and for others. 
I took this picture today. 4 years ago, we didn't know what our Talipes journey had in store for us

A lot of people don't know what Talipes is. A lot of people think that Clubfoot means one big foot. It doesn't. Here's a picture. It just means that your foot is twisted around the wrong way.
Image via nursingcrib.com

After about 4 weeks of casting, the doctors had repositioned your little foot and you were ready for your boots and bar. These would hold your feet shoulder width apart with a metal bar for 23 hours a day for 3 months then 12 hours a day until you were 5. Until you were 5! That felt like forever. It may be a cliché but time flies by so fast. To the other Mummies and Daddies just starting out on this journey, never, ever dwell on the Talipes or you'll miss the other things and that stuff is way more precious. 
I cried all my tears when you were in my tummy. Once we had embarked on the journey together I was done with my tears and was ready to be strong with you. My only focus was making sure that your treatment was no big deal and as routine as putting on socks. It worked. You slept through for 13 hours a night from being a little baby until.....well, you still do. Your boots and bars are just like pyjamas. You don't question them. I mentioned tonight that you won't have them when you're 5. You looked sad and said that you'd miss them. You asked if we can keep them for your teddy.
Your boots and bar and Right Bunny

My amazing little girl who takes everything in her little, but perfect, stride x


  1. Such a lovely post. She sounds like a wonderful little girl x #SundayRoundUp

  2. What a wonderful little girl and a very brave mummy. Children seem to just deal with things don't they? Everything is normal to them because they know no different! x

  3. Beautiful post :) It sounds like you've done a brilliant job at making it all very matter of fact for your daughter and helped her to be just a normal, happy little girl #sundayroundup

  4. aww what a lovely testement of light the other side to all parents starting the journey! What a beautiful little girl well done to you all. Thanks for linking up to The Sunday round up x

  5. Thank you for your comments everyone. It means a lot that you've read my blog and even more that you've taken the time to comment. These link ups are a brilliant idea and led me to read so many more blogs than I would have even known existed otherwise. Thank you :) x

  6. Beautiful. I'm looking forward to that day too. We adopted our beautiful daughter and we're told soon after birth mother's 20 week scan that she would be born with bilateral talipes. It didn't make a bit of difference to us though we were a little apprehensive of what to expect.
    Like you, we don't dwell on the talipes - it's part of life.
    We have at least 2 more years of b&b and I'm sure our girl will miss them too.
    Thank you.