7 December 2013

Dear Molly, the cinema can be a little bit scary...

Today I took you to the cinema for the first time ever. I feel like I might have deprived you by not taking you sooner. More truthfully I think that I feel like other people might think that. I often feel like the world is judging me. Are they? I think most parents wonder about this from time to time.
You looked so perfectly small and overwhelmed in your big seat

I don't want you to ever stop being overwhelmed sweetheart. I won't flood you with all the experiences life has to offer you too quickly. The world has so much in store for you and you really don't need to do it all at once. I couldn't bear it if the little things you love became so commonplace that you were no longer amazed or excited by them.

You were definitely overwhelmed here!

You were a bit scared during the film. Maybe scary snow monsters in 3D was a little ambitious for my sensitive little girl. A strategically placed Right Bunny over one eye and the comfort of Mummy's arms saw you through the scary bits. You were very brave although when the wolves appeared you did turn to me and ask, very politely, "could we go home now Mummy please?" You carried on watching but your little body felt tense. I'm not sure you trusted that those wolves wouldn't be back. I know that, as your parent, I should be toughening you up and not shielding you from the world but, at the same time, I want to preserve your delicate nature. I never want you to become desensitised to the things which scare you or touch you in some way. Being frightened for the safety of the characters in a film shows me your capacity to care and, I've said it before but that is such an important quality baby. Don't ever lose it. 

I love absolutely every fibre of your little being and my sole aim is to provide you with an environment which promotes the growth and development of everything you are...including some gentle introductions to scary things!

See you in the morning sweetheart. All my love, Mummy x

"Fear makes us feel our humanity" ~ Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)

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