18 December 2013

Dear Molly, you talked about when you grow up tonight...

We had a sweet little chat at bedtime tonight about what you'll be able to do "when I'm bigger Mummy." I put my overwhelming desire to ignore the fact that you're going to get bigger to one side and settled down to see what getting bigger means to you at age 3 years and 2 months.
Number one on your list was to "drink coffee like you Mummy." Maybe I have too much coffee. 

Then you moved on to other aspirations. "I will be able to get my own teddies from my high shelf Mummy" you said excitedly. Yes baby, you will. 

"I will be able to drive your car Mummy." A pretty sensible suggestion for age 17+..."and press all the coloured buttons in it ALL by myself!"

"When I am bigger Mummy, I will cook you roast beef." I enquired about which vegetables we might have. You said "chicken." We'll do some work on the food groups. I said broccoli was a vegetable. You responded with, "oh, now I understand. We'll have cauliflower. Silly me." Not silly darling. There's a lot to take in. It'll take some time. 

"And for my work I will work on a computer like you Mummy and be a teacher and be a gardener. I can do those things all at the same time." For now I want you to believe you can be whatever you want to be. We have plenty of time for looking at the practical options for gardening teachers on computers at desks. 

And the last thing you'd like to do when you're bigger was a little mixed up but the sentiment was perfect. "When I am big Mummy, and you are smaller, I will read you a story and tuck you in your big girl bed. I will read you The Smartest Giant book to make you happy." 

"Yes darling"
"Can I still have my big girl bed when I am bigger?"
"Of course sweetheart"
"And will I still have Right Bunny?"
"Most definitely"
"Oh goodie" 

I love you so much baby and I can't wait to hear how your aspirations change as you grow. Experience everything you want to in your own time and believe in yourself. Just don't hurry. There's no rush.

Night night darling. Lots of love, Mummy x

"I think she is growing up, and so begins to dream dreams, and have hopes and fears and fidgets, without knowing why or being able to explain them." ~ Louisa May Alcott, Little Women (1868-69)


  1. Such a lovely and funny post. I still can't believe Molly is three years old.....where has the time gone? x

  2. Ahh thank you. It was a sweet conversation. She was so serious and so happy with all of her ideas and suggestions :) And I know! Where has the time gone. It's ok though. She'll be three forever...x