19 January 2014

I love you a little bit more today

It sounds silly. It might be because you let me put your hair in a pony tail (you never normally do and I had to bribe you with a chocolate button). You look a bit more grown up somehow. So pretty. But more little girl than toddler.

You've been quite pensive today and asking a lot about when you were a baby. We tried to talk about before you were born. You couldn't grasp the concept. 

"But where was I then Mummy?" 
"You didn't exist then sweetheart. It was before you were born?"
"But where was I?"
"You weren't anywhere?"
"Was I all alone somewhere?"
"No baby. You were with me."
We had a big hug and decided to talk about that another time.

You've been a bit scared of things today. The cross rotten tomato in Bubbleguppies upset you this morning. I'm not sure you'll be an adrenalin junkie when you're older. You like things on an even keel. You're only 3 though. Plenty of time to develop a liking for adventure! 
Hiding from the whale in Wonderpets this afternoon

Feeding the ducks today

Mummy jumped in puddles too

Your Mummy 

We didn't do much today but your grown up hair, questions about being a baby, and fear of mean tomatoes all made me love you a tiny bit more x

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